Forced Entertainment ride again: 24-hour Quizoola! coming to the Barbican

© Hugo Glendinning

© Hugo Glendinning

Forced Entertainment, a performance company that is no stranger to durational work, is embarking on one of its longest sessions for a long time in April when it stages a 24-hour version of Quizoola! A question and answer-based show that was first staged as a 45-minute work in 1996 at the ICA,  Quizoola! takes interrogation to new levels. It’s playful, it’s nasty, it’s theatrical waterboarding without the water.

The original versions of Quizoola! used a loose script of 2,000 questions. For the Barbican event, Forced Entertainment has asked the public to send in some new questions of their own devising. I’ve sent mine in: If you had five minutes left to live, would you use Twitter or Facebook to record your last message?  Describe nuclear fission for a child of five. What is the plague? Would you work in a call centre? Give three delaying tactics. I wonder if any of them will make it into the performance. Here’s the address to send your own questions in to:

In the meantime, here’s an interview I did with Tim Etchells, co-founder of Forced Entertainment, in 2000, just prior to a seven-hour Quizoola! being staged. I remember that we were diverted by a discussion about performance art and the first series of Big Brother on TV.–and-then-some-638355.html


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