Metal machine music: Howlround + Oscillatorial Binnage, the Kirkaldy Testing Museum, London


While I’m waiting for my review of Music at Breaking Point to appear in the forthcoming issue of The Wire (December 2013), here are a few photos to whet the appetite of those interested in the audible ghosts of the industrial past. Staged at the former Kirkaldy Testing workshop, a 19th-century example of precision in Victorian industry and now an independent museum, it was part of the 2013 Merge Festival and produced in conjunction with Resonance FM.

And can I also plug Robin The Fog and Chris Weaver’s Howlround’s two site-specific albums, Ghosts of Bush and, released last month, The Secret Sounds of Savamala, in all their strange and wonderful glory. They are the sonic equivalent of Rachel Whiteread’s casts of empty spaces. (Click on the link below to hear a snippet of the Kirkaldy set.)


Note the tin of Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie, which was possibly amplified by the transducers of the Binnage quartet. Or not. The woman in white appeared in a stairwell window and watched Howlround’s set with intense interest. She pressed her hands to the window now and then. She was so still and quiet we wondered if she was a ghost.


By the way, the Testing Museum needs volunteers. Contact them on the link below. You might get to meet longterm volunteer Perry Perrin, the woman we thought was a spectre.

Resonance FM
Howlround’s Secret Songs of Savamala
Howlround live at the museum, 26 September 2013 
Kirkaldy Testing Museum, London

5 thoughts on “Metal machine music: Howlround + Oscillatorial Binnage, the Kirkaldy Testing Museum, London

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  2. Thank you! Fray Bentos is another name for Xentos (Fray Bentos) formerly The Homosexuals. He was there on the night and is a ResonanceFM stalwart.


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