Musicworks: the soundworlds of ‘musician-citizen’ Victor Gama

© Rajele SL

Victor Gama playing on the dino, one of his invented instruments. Photo © Rajele SL

Part of my article on the artist, instrument-builder and musician-citizen Victor Gama is out now in the latest issue of Musicworks magazine. Gama, an Angolan-Portuguese artist based near Lisbon, draws no distinction between the fields of the social, myth and the artistic — they are all of one concern. His concept of the musician-citizen is of huge importance for any serious artist.

photo © Victor Gama

Nests built by the sociable weaver birds in the deserts of southern Africa inspired Gama’s two-player instrument, the  toha. Photo © Dillan Marsh

Get Musicworks‘ Spring 2014 issue for the full article; meanwhile check out the links and videos that Musicworks have included on its online version. Web links and resources Musicworks Victor Gama Victor Gama’s Tsikaya – Huambo Música Sessions is available now on CD

Jennifer Walshe on the Guinness minimalists, Irish drones…

Image… and other surprises. My profile of the London-based composer prankster is in the latest issue of Musicworks. It’s all fun but there is an inventive seriousness behind the artist’s fictions.

Photo © Blackie Bouffant