Happy 40th birthday, New Internationalist!

© New Internationalist, www.newint.org

© New Internationalist, http://www.newint.org

New Internationalist is an Oxford-based monthly magazine that punches far, far above its weight. Its investigative journalists are the best-briefed in their areas and its campaigns in favour of global fairness, equity and humane polities as of right are righteous.

Here’s a timeline – http://newint.org/about/timeline/ – with some of the magazine’s  activities marked. Of course, as its music columnist (I think that my first piece for them was about Brit ragga musician Apache Indian in the early 1990s), I’m prejudiced but I also know what I’m talking about when I wish NI and all who sail in her many more years of what they’re doing.

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Dancing for Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei’s Gangnam-style parody was promptly blocked by the Chinese

A link to my blog on New Internationalist’s site.


New Internationalist: All aboard the Pussy Riot Bus!

Praise for The No-Nonsense Guide to World Music

‘A mapping of the world’s rich and ever-changing musical landscape . . . fascinating and thoroughly informative.’ Jocelyn Pook, composer

‘Gray has well-tuned political antennae, and, unlike many writers on World Music, has some broad sense of what is currently going on beyond the confines of the latest record label press release, including an awareness of radical and experimental work.’ Clive Bell, The Wire

‘Louise Gray confronts with unflinching intelligence, insight, fairness, and a keen awareness of how politics, cultural and contextual differences, fantasies and more prosaic expectations must be taken into account before this remarkable story can be fully understood.’ David Toop, musician, author and sound curator